The Sensual FemDom Experince

Welcome to something new, something nuanced between two extremes.  I am a sensual dominant and I dance on the spectrum between bdsm and gfe.  Think of me as your dominant girlfriend, your sensual mistress.  My specialties lie in the realm of tease, role reversal, gender bending and psychological domination.  Do you want to play a game with me?  Would you like me to train you, transform you into my plaything?  Would it please you to know that your obedience brings me delight?  When we are together I hold the reins firmly in my hands so that you can finally let go of control.  I am the shelter you sneak away to from a world that doesn’t know how to hold you.  Together we can uncover a side of you desperate for release.

Who is Penelope Waters

Why do I do this, What inspires me?

From day one I have been a deviant seeker.  My body of desire has always been restless and bored with normalcy.  Throughout my years of exploration I have realized that what truly ignites my passion is seeing the side of a person that deviates from the norm; the secret sexual subversion that stays hidden from public view.  When you enter my space you are wearing a costume.  You look like any other man on the street.  My job is to uncover what lies beneath that costume; a secret perversion, like a gift for me to play with, cultivate and watch grow.  I live for the temporal transformation from your everyday mask into your carnal self.  Domination is the gift of mutual pleasure in exploration.

A Visual Feast of My Subtle Charms

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What do you get the man who has everything?


You are not the type to shy away from new experiences.  You are driven by a deep need to satisfy you thirst for the subversive and all you really need to unlock that door is a firm hand to show you the way.  I enjoy a number of kinks to ignite your imagination. 

Tease and Denial


 Strapon Worship


Cuckolding/Hot Wife

Golden Showers


And much more...


2 hours/ 1000 (minimum)
3 hours/ 1200
4 hours/ 1500
6 hours/ 2000
12 hours/ 3000
24 hours/ 5000
Weekend Getaway/ 10,000

A 50% deposit is required to book an appointment

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I am most certainly the kind of lady you want to make good first impression with. When you contact me please be sure to include your complete screening information along with your detailed availability.