Strap - On Goddess

Let's reverse the roles.  Feel the power of my presence as my feminine frame towers over you, a hard cock strapped to my cunt and a glimmer in my eye that let's you know exactly who's in charge.  Bent over, legs spread, you feel the fullness of my cock inside you as a pleasure builds unlike any sensation you've known before.

Fisting Training

A hungry slut still thirsting for more is the perfect candidate for the transcendent pleasure of fisting.  When your desire is there it is up to the skill and dexterity of a seasoned fisting top to build you up to the perfect moment where you are ready to receive.  Trust me, this is going to be a game changer. 

Hot Wife / Submissive Husband

Your wife is more than breathtaking, she is a force of nature. She cannot be tamed and you would never dream of doing so. Your only desire is to see her happy, exalting in the power of her undeniable sexuality. You dream of the moment she comes home, emanating with the scent of other men, finding comfort in your dedicated service, requiring all that you have to give. 

Sissy Training

For years you've tried to hide what you are. Convincing yourself you would only divulge in your secret proclivities when no one was looking.  But you got sloppy and someone found out.  Now that she knows what you are, you are under her command.  You will do anything for her silence and what she wants is a dedicated Sissy Slut. For her you will dress up in exquisite frills and begin training in the feminine arts of presentation and service.  And you will obey her every wish.

Sensual Submission

Everyday you must perform masculinity. Shyness and a submissive nature are absolutely not allowed if you want to get anywhere in life.  What toll has this unnatural presentation taken on you and how dearly do you wish for a woman who will take control so you may finally have the freedom to be who you really are? I am the balm to sooth that ache.  Imagine yourself restrained on my soft cotton sheets, your legs spread, your tender parts exposed, your mouth at my disposal.  You are a tool for my pleasure and let me assure you I do not tire easily.  And you are a map for me to explore, discovering a passionate energy you hardly knew you contained. 

I encourage you to present any specific fantasies you have that are not listed here to see if we can bring them to life.  I do love a good erotic writer but if the details of your fantasy read more like a novella, as a show of respect for my time it should be accompanied by a $100 donation via venmo or cashapp (@/$deepwatersconsulting) or GPay (


2k/ 2 hours  Meet and Kink

4k/ 4 hours  Drinks and Play

6k/ 6 hours Play and Dinner

8k/ up to 12 hours 

10k/ 24+ hours with Sleep

25K/ Weekend Getaway

  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve a rendezvous. 
  • Venmo/Cashapp - @/$deepwatersconsulting |  Gpay:
  • FMYT requires a $4000 minimum + flights and hotel accommodations

I am most certainly the kind of woman you want to make a good first impression with.  When you contact me you are expected to provide complete screening without question as a show of personal authenticity and respect for my time.  Simply put, to approach me with a list of desires without a proper introduction makes you look like a jackass!  Take steps to avoid such a folly and include one or both of the screening options listed below.


1) Provider references: 2 or more providers you have seen in the last year. Please include a link to their ad or website, the full name and email or phone number you used to book with them and the approximate time you met. 


2) Employment verification such as a link to a website with your full name on it, or a link to your Linkedin account, or a picture of a photo work ID, or a link to your employer's website along with a blank email from your work address. 

* Please be sure to mention if you have received both your COVID vaccinations 

* If you are truly unable to provide any of this information you may contact me to inquire for other methods which will most certainly include a higher deposit.  Any explanation that involves the "height" of your profile had better be accompanied by an NDA and a deposit or you will be perfunctorily blocked.

* Should you have any questions about screening please address my FAQ section