I do a simple screening for all new clients. There is absolutely no exceptions to the screening process nor can I afford to be lax on my requirements. When you contact me please be sure to provide AT LEAST ONE of the following: 

1) Provider references: 2 or more providers you have seen in the last year. Please include a link to their ad or website, the full name and email or phone number you used to book with them and the approximate time you met. 

2) Your P411 ID. Please send me a message via p411 to expedite booking. 

3) Employment verification such as a link to a website with your full name on it, or a link to your Linkedin account, or a picture of a photo work ID, or a link to your employer's website along with a blank email from your work address. 

***If you are truly unable to provide any of this information you may contact me to explain your situation and I will do my best to find a solution we are both comfortable with. However, this is on a case by case basis and at my discretion. 


When you arrive please place your gift in an unsealed envelope on the table. Please do not arrive early as I like to have my space and myself fully prepared to welcome you when you walk through the door. If you are going to be late please let me know, but don't stress as I understand that life happens.