Are you seeing people during Quarantine?

I am seeing people during quarantine on a very limited basis.  My availability will also change as knowledge about the virus increases and cdc guidelines adapt over time.  I request you most recent covid test results as well as some insight into what your daily exposure is like so that I may make the most informed decision for my health and the safety of those I am still sharing space with.  All supplicants will be required to have their temperature taken with a no contact thermometer and I will be wearing a mask through the duration of our time together without exception.  To read more about my covid protocols check out my blog 

Do you see couples?
I have recently changed my policy on this.  I was always very open to couples however I have found that it is almost never without compromise.  Too often when I approached this arrangement I could not feel fully confident that each person was truly there for themselves and not for their partner in some capacity.  I know there are plenty of couples out there who play together with a seamless ease, but I need to listen to my gut on this one and I don't feel I am the provider to complete that experience. However, if your wife or girlfriend would like a private session with me, a weekend getaway even, I am more than happy to oblige!  

Do you see women and trans folks?
Yes!  I do not discriminate on gender in any way.  Every body needs nurturing attention and I am here for it!   

Can I write a review?
I am always flattered to receive reviews of our time together.  Reviews can be incredibly helpful to me and it's a lovely way to say thank you.  However, I do ask that you be reasonably discreet in your writing.  I do like to have a little mystery about me!  If we have met a few times and I have given you my phone number for booking please be sure to NEVER PUT MY NUMBER ON ANY REVIEW SITES. Thank you! 

Do you take cards?
No, but I do take venmo, cashapp and Gpay. 

Do you provide doubles?
I love doubles of every kind. Name the fantasy and we can bring it to life! Check out the lovely temptations on my Friends page.  Each of these absolute beauties are very good friends of mine in real life and the chemistry is as authentic as it gets!  Of course, if you have a provider friend of your own and would like me to join in the fun I am always willing and ready to come play! 

On Screening 

Why do I need to be screened? 
I love opening up to people to explore the more intimate parts of ourselves. In order to do that in a genuine way I need to feel totally safe with you from the beginning.  I require screening because it assures me of who you are and that you are trustworthy.  When you provide me with complete screening information with your appointment request it shows me that you are not only safe but a reasonable gentleman who respects my time and well being. 

Do you keep my personal information? 
I keep the email address you book your appointment with so I have a reference if/when you book with me in the future unless you request that I not.  All other information is not kept.  I honestly just have no use for it ;) 

Can you just call me? 
I only correspond with first time clients via email. Sorry gentlemen, no exceptions on this one! 

I can't provide my personal information and I don't have any references, what now? 
Please contact me with detailed but brief explanation of your circumstances and I will do my best to find a solution that works for both of us.  However this is all at my discretion.  A humble, obedient and generous attitude will go far in these situations.