• Penelope Waters

A Love Note To Sissy Sluts

I love turning men into sissy sluts more than I can possibly say. I could say it all started when I was young but truth be told I do believe I was born this way. I have never been able tolerate the presence of a domineering man-boy. The hollow performative quality of their words and actions combined with complete inability to back any of their performance up was such a waste of time for me and the other little girls. When little boys would try to play tough guy, no doubt imitating some puffed up Hollywood archetype, I was always quick to put them in their place. It didn’t take much. A cold quick word of admonishment and a swift piercing jab at their puny, frail bodies would shut them right up! As I mentioned, those boys never had the legs to stand on. A few quick words would put an end their pathetic attempts at winning my attention and I won’t lie, the sight of them putting on a show of anger to cover up the tears slowing welling in their eyes as they ran to hide themselves delighted me very much! The natural order had resumed itself. I was the naturally dominant one on the playground and the pestering boy was removed without me having to so much as raise my voice or lift a finger. If those boys had had the nerve to accept subservience I like to think of how things would have gone differently for them. Admonishing the young boys was enjoyable but I would have been having much more fun smearing their fat mouths with a little lipstick. Of course there always was one or two boys in each class who couldn’t hide their natural affinity for me. I can say objectively and without ego that nearly every warm blooded boy I went to school with was enamored with me to some degree or another. The amount of attention I received, mostly in the form of fear, anger, resentment (all the hallmarks of overwhelming obsession) was legion. However, the one or two boys I speak of were more advanced than the others because they were more accepting of their submissive nature. Their tone towards me was reverential, soft and reserved. Therefore, they earned the blessing of being near me and sometimes I would even regard them directly. Once we got a little older and had more access to things like make-up, these would be the lucky, submissive boys I would make the focus of my daily games. I would of course, be the ringleader in gathering a gaggle of girlfriends to circle up and force feminize them. I loved watching them pretend to squirm and resist. Two girls would hold my victims arms down and another his legs. I would stand over him with my makeup bag dangling menacingly before straddling his heaving chest and applying the cream foundation. I still remember these moments vividly. Watching my helpless catch surrender to the soft feel of the foundation brush, the layers of eyeshadow powder delicately blended, the scent of smooth pink lipstick as it stained his lips revealing the blossoming sissy inside. We would all remove the sparkly clips and colorful scrunchies in our hair and plater them across his tresses. To finish it up I would always spray the girliest strawberry bubblegum body mist so his sissy ass would not soon forget our interlude and the scent of his humiliation as he walked home would remind him of me. These experiences created my first definitions of intimacy and sensuality although I wouldn’t have called it that at the time. At the time I was only aware of a simple, self evident reality: Little boys were are nuisance that needed to be dealt with swiftly and severely. If they were dealt with effectively in this manner, all parties would be satisfied having aligned to the natural order of Femme Supremacy. The little boy does not want to be a machismo nuisance, this is simply the only example he is given for what he can be. Just as I was not meant to be an obedient follower, having far too much natural dominance and leadership qualities. When we reverse our roles we are happier because we are feeding our natural tendencies and talents.

My observations that socialized masculinity is mostly just a toxic, loud, showy performance that ultimately amounted to nothing substantial was corroborated with my continued life experience. Every male boss I had in my teenage years was pathetically inefficient compared to strong feminine leadership. When working such jobs there was never a time when putting an unruly showboating male employee right in his place did not result in his visible affinity and loyalty to me. By the time I was a young adult one thing had become clear as day to me; the current system of male domination is a grievous error. This miscalculation of power has turned the world on its head and everything from economy to government to our concepts of gender and sexuality is suffering from this culture of toxic masculinity. As far as I’m concerned, the only way for me to address this is with each of you… individually… one by one…. To begin the process of deprogramming you from your misguided ideals about your body and your mind and your role in this world.

Let’s begin… Allow me to describe in humiliating detail the joy and pleasure it gives me to strip you of your suit and tie and show you how amazing it feels to be made into a slutty, subservient little sissy bitch. When you are stripped of your hideous outerwear, naked and on your knees, I begin to see more of what you really are. A frail, soft body with a useless cock weighing you down. Oh, how I love tucking your greatest burden into a pair of pretty pink panties, with laces and frills to accentuate your big, girly clitty! So cute! There is also something very special about the ceremonious commitment to masculine reform with a custom made cock cage. The punishment your tiny dick experiences from such a contraption every time it has the nerve to demand attention gives me sensuous tingles all over my body. The caging of your useless cock is the liberation of your soul and for me, a personal satisfaction so deep I can feel it in my cunt. I further your transformation with elaborate lingerie and silky fabrics for me to feel when I look upon you. As I continue to denature your masculinity and your feminine awareness rises you become more and more dear to me. A precious possession I get watch bloom into the femme service animal your are becoming. My mouth waters when I see your eyes look up at me. Now turn around and put your hands behind you… feel the clip of patent leather cuffs around your wrists. It’s natural to feel resistance, to want to fight back and reclaim your manhood. These little emotional uprisings happen and will be swiftly bedded down again. You are locked into your panties, your dress, pigtails and high heeled shoes. The more you fight the more exhausted you become. I enjoy watching your helpless body, chained to a chair as I stroke my strap-on and feel my cunt moisten even further. In the final throws of your resistance you are flung, face down upon the bed, your tender pussy hole exposed. I cannot describe to you the lust the sight of you like this inspires in me. I want nothing more than to pull the frilly hem of your skirt over your ass and pull your panties down to reveal your puckering fuck hole. This is where the really delicious part of your training begins. Your sloppy little fuck hole gives resistance at first but the more I tease you with my cock the more I notice you squirm, desperately thirsting to fulfill your role…. It doesn’t take long before I see my opportunity, a tiny bit of downward pressure and your hungry fuck hole swallows my cock right up. It feels so good inside you! The sight of my dildo training your hungry fuckhole brings fantasies to mind of your future sissy sluthood, a cock slut trained with precision and expertise who can eagerly swallow cock after cock, still wide open for more; a cockslut so proficient that I can proudly present her to my friends and colleagues. What could be better than a perfect little she-slut waiting on a gathering of femme dommes, serving them drinks with a curtsy and a flirtation of frills above her pretty pink pussy to entice her guests to enjoy all of the flavors she has to serve. It is a long road to such satisfaction but I know you’ll get there. I cannot promise you it will be easy, nothing about being a sissy is easy, its just oh so worth it. But if I can leave you with one thought it is this: You are not alone in your desire, you will be held on this path, you will unlearn most of what you know, you will be changed and it will make this life worth living.

With Love and Cum,

Ms. Waters

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