• Penelope Waters

Real Talk: Boundaries and Conditions For Meeting In The Time Of COVID19

If I am to be honest, I have sat for such a long time and through several rough drafts trying to find an appropriate way to express the waves of emotion these last few months have brought. As COVID19 descended with voracity upon New Orleans I basically disappeared from the internet to invest myself fully in efforts of solidarity and social justice with working class communities within my city. It’s been wild to say the least. Isolation and social distancing has provided an incredible emphasis on how important intimacy and touch are in our daily lives. Still, with a heavy heart and immovable sense of duty, for the last few months I have faithfully sheltered in place and done my part to flatten the curve and will continue to do so as though peoples lives depend on it. Living in New Orleans where the virus has had considerable impact, I feel a very real responsibility to maintain a fastidious comportment of my activities as advised by the CDC and legitimate medical professionals. However, I do believe we have reached a breaking point. We are creatures that need touch and intimacy. That’s need, not want. And the show must go on…

I have been receiving increasingly more inquiries about when I will be available again, but until now I have been reticent. I have decided it is time to return to the work that I love, proceeding as safely and responsibly as possible. The following are my conditions for meeting. They are absolutely non-negotiable and any attempt to push past these conditions will be considered an unforgivable violation.

I will be limiting myself to seeing 1 client per day and at most 3 clients per week. I will be getting tested for COVID19 weekly and I encourage my clients to get tested bi-monthly.

I will require a 2 hour minimum for each client as anything less does not warrant the risk I am taking or the amount of time is takes for me to ensure a sterile and healthy environment. Longer engagements will be prioritized.

All clients will be required to have their temperature read when entering my space and will be required to wear a mask during our session. I will be wearing one as well. Don’t fret, you will have a femdom bandit fetish in no time ;)

I will not be participating in any activity that requires I take my mask off.

At any point if I feel the slightest decline in my health all pre-booked appointments will be cancelled and all clients seen in the previous two weeks will be alerted. I will ask that all my clients do me the same courtesy. If you feel slightly feverish, a cough, fatigued, short of breath, etc. please inform me immediately so that I can alert my pod and cancel future appointments. Maintaining this trust is imperative!

My space in New Orleans is being held to the highest standards of sanitation. All surfaces are sterilized, all silicone toys are boiled and all glass and metal toys are autoclaved after each meeting.

All of these conditions are subject to change as circumstances evolve.

I feel now more than ever that we need to be in support and solidarity if we are to traverse these times feeling good and true about how we showed up and took care of one another. I offer myself and my services as a balm to the incredible weight of these times. I ask for reciprocity from my clients in the form of fastidious consideration for my health and generosity so that I may thrive under these circumstances. I hope these boundaries give you a sense of safety so that when we meet we can really dive in to the kind of deviant sensual intimacy that can only be experienced within a container of boundaries and trust.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and the ever present consideration that allows me to continue offering myself and my space for sensual healing and growth.

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