• Penelope Waters

Prostate Orgasms & why you're missing out!

Here’s a little flicker of wisdom and hope straight from me to you: Most common advice about how to spice up your sex life is bullshit. Except prostate orgasms. That shit will change your life.

Let me be clear about one thing: I love, LOVE, fucking men in the ass. Weather it’s one well lubed finger or a nice thick dildo, there is precious little I love more in this world than seeing the look on a man’s face the first time he comes for me. There’s nothing like it in the world. You can see in his face that he didn’t know he had been waiting for this for so long; an orgasm that consumes all others past, the permission to lie back and receive, the bliss of releasing control and the thrill of a gorgeous woman taking it.

It’s a crowd pleaser to say the least.

So I have to ask myself, why is it so hard for men to bring themselves to the point of admitting to themselves that they want this, let alone coming to me for help when I am all but rolling out the silicone carpet? First, let’s state the obvious: internalized homophobia. This means, you don’t want to experience receiving anal because society tells you that it makes you gay. Society also tells you that being gay is a bad thing. Society is the ultimate pusher of bullshit ideas.

***Liking anal doesn’t make you gay and if you like anal and you’re gay there’s nothing fucking wrong with that either***

Fear of humiliation is the main thing that keeps men from dining at my table of carnal delights and it breaks my goddamn heart. The fear is an illusion but the pleasure and self discovery it stands in the way of is real and life changing. Over the years of slowly unfolding the feelings hidden under the casual, composed exterior of my clients, I have discovered some common themes. Most of them won’t open up to prostate stimulation because they are afraid I’ll laugh at them, that I’ll think their gross, that after we’re done I’ll be snickering or thinking that they’re not a real man. Lies, lies, all of it. This is the twaddle society has drilled in your head. The truth is, I absolutely relish and crave pushing myself inside you, feeling you slowly push back on me, watching your body writhe with pleasure, and shudder with full body delight. There is nothing about the experience that isn’t beautiful, nasty, delicious. Honestly, I don’t know what it will take for you to let go of the fear and listen to your body’s desires but I am doing my damnedest to make the prospect enticing!

So let’s get down to brass tax. Prostate orgasms are unlike any other orgasm you’ve ever had. It’s like the difference between a bacon cheeseburger (which is delicious) and a wagyu aged steak which will change how you think about flavor, texture and culinary pleasure. The intensity of it courses through your whole body as though you are cumming on a molecular level. Any stress, emotional preoccupation, or insecurities you felt walking through the door will not be there after you get properly fucked. Promise. And with me, this doesn’t play out like some bad porn script with mechanical motions and rehearsed positions. This is about you going at your pace and your body feeling pleasure at whatever level or intensity you are ready for. So many men think that anal is going to hurt and that that is just a part of it. Also, not true. I’ve had so many men say they didn’t want to try it because they did once and it didn’t feel good. Here’s the thing, fucking ass is a skill and not everyone has it. Buying a strap on doesn’t make you a good lover. It’s takes years of experience and being comfortable in your own body. It takes time to learn to notice your lover’s body and it’s subtle signals. And believe me honey, I have logged some hours and I am confident when I tell you I am a capable and considerate lover.

So if all this isn’t enough, here’s another perk: Learning to receive makes you better at giving. Think about it. If you were a professional chef, how good could you be at preparing a meal if you never had one prepared for you. You would never know what it was like on the other end. You wouldn’t know the details of what worked and what didn’t. Getting fucked makes you better at fucking. So what do you say? Ready to up your game?

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