Make Me Smile

I am an absolute hedonist and I readily consume beautiful things with an abundantly healthy appetite.  When we are together I give all of myself to you.  In return, I love a display of appreciation for those special moments that just cannot be quantified. 

Monetary donations are always appreciated as I have been immersed in the considerable task of renovating a 2800 sq.foot house in New Orleans which I am fully funding myself.  While this project is highly rewarding, it does at times seem endless and any surprise help is appreciated! 

Everyday Pampering

Lingerie is the classic, it never goes out of style!

Sponsor my weekly massage and acupuncture sessions ($300)

I am no longer supporting Amazon with my patronage.  I will gladly accept Etsy gift cards instead!  My favorite spot for latex and fetish wear!

The projects never end when you're building your Southern dream home.  One day its deck around my pool, the next it's a pagoda in the backyard.  Your donation contributes to the luxury of my home life.

Keep my body silky soft!

Southwest is the airline for women who can't travel light and change flights at moments notice.  That's why I love them.